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 Hughsville/Wolf Sewer Authority

Public sewer is available in many areas surrounding the Borough of Hughesville in Wolf Township.  The owner of any "improved" property accessible to and whose principal building is within 150 feet from the sewer system must connect.

If you are not in one of these areas, you will have on-lot water and septic.  On-lot septic systems require a permit from the Sewer Enforcement Officer of Wolf Township, Jami Nolan, (570)435-3633.   For public sewer information, rates and connection details, contact:

Hughesville Wolf Sewer Authority
547 Woolen Mill Road
Hughesville, PA  17737
570-584-4024 (v)
570-584-3759 (f)

Hughesville Boro members:

  • Roger Martin
  • Don Miller
  • Jerry Kilgus
  • Dick Mausteller


Wolf Township Members:


Rick Marsh
610 Lime Bluff Rd.
Hughesville, PA  17737
Term Expires 2021

David Sheasley
176 Brookfield Dr
Hughesville, PA  17737
Term Expires 2020
Daniel McConnell
244 Slow Hand Dr
Hughesville, PA 17737
Term Expires 2018
Michael J. Mostowy
520 W. Academy St
Hughesville, PA 17737
Term Expires 2022


Staff Members:

Brenda Smith, Office Manager

Rod Miller, Plant Manager

The Sewer Authority Attempts to resolve problems related to the community's sewer needs. Assists in planning for and, when feasible, obtaining financing for the acquisition or construction of public sewer systems to be leased to and operated by the Authority, and may look for alternative means for providing such services.

The Authority meets the second Wednesday of each month.