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 Zoning and Construction




Wolf Township adopted the Zoning Ordinance in 1995 which sets forth districts, taking into consideration the character of the area and the suitability for particular uses and structures.
In 2003 the Township also adopted the International Building Code regulations for the control of safe construction procedures for buildings and structures
Allowable use of your land is dependent on the designated zone that your property is included in.  While official determination of zone is the responsibility of Township officials, referencing this zoning map may be useful in finding out what zone your property may be in:

 Zoning Map.pdf

Depending on the scope and details of a proposed project, a Zoning and/or Building permit will be required.
Wolf Township contracts with Code Inspections Inc. for both Zoning Permit compliance and Construction Permit management, so both Zoning Permit and Construction Permits are usually handled at the same time.  These application forms can be downloaded below.
Call Code Inspections, Inc. to discuss your plans and receive directions on how to proceed.
    Code Inspections, Inc.
    Lycoming County Office
    2104 State Rte. 54
    Montgomery, PA  17752
    570-547-0488    voice
    570-547-2821 Zoning Questions only

    570-547-0481    fax

Erosion and Sediment Control.pdf (E&S Packet)
If you are developing an existing lot, or subdividing property, you will need to seek approval from the Wolf Township Planning Commission.  The Application below is used to submit all pertinent information that the Planning Commission will need to consider.


No proposed project should be started or lease signed for a property without consulting first with Code Inspections Inc., the Township Zoning Officer,at 570-547-2821.  Permits are required for most new uses and in some cases Land Development Plans required before you begin.


 Subdivision or Land Development Application