Wolf Township contracts with Code Inspections Inc. for both Zoning Permit compliance and Construction Permit management.  These application forms can be downloaded.

Call Code Inspections, Inc. to discuss your plans and receive directions on how to proceed.
 Code Inspections, Inc.
    Lycoming County Office
    2104 State Rte. 54
    Montgomery, PA  17752
    570-547-0488~ Voice
    570-547-2821~ Zoning Questions only

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All Building/Construction & Zoning Permit Applications take 10-15 Business days to process, if all required information is submitted!

Erosion & Sediment

Any disturbance over 5,000 square feet requires a written E&S plan to be development and Kept on site.  Most construction generally that takes place disturbs more then 5,000 sq. ft. whether it is building a garage or putting in a driveway. An E&S plan minimizes sediment runoff from an earthmoving activity.

Erosion & Sediment Application

Driveway Permits

A Driveway permit shall be required prior to the installation of construction or alteration of a new or existing driveway or access drive, for all drives created or existing which intersect Township or private roads.

Cost: $20.00

Processed by Wolf Township Road Crew.

Driveway Permit Application